Monday, November 14, 2011

Romance Dedicated to Some of the Greatest Heroes...

When you think about real heroes, not the ones with super-powers and capes who fly about compromising the plots of ugly villains but genuine and honest human beings who fight to uphold the values we hold dear, what comes to mind? Some of you might think of the police officers who work in the streets day and night, providing us with a certain measure of security, while others may be reminded of those who respond to emergency situations, like firefighters and paramedics. How many of you are reminded of the men and women who serve as members of the military forces both here and around the world? I suspect that for many of you these are true heroes, valiant and full of courage. These are very real people who risk their own lives to provide us with peace of mind in a violent and uncertain world. And, as most of you know, there is a special sort of hero among the ranks of military soldiers in the American armed forces. They are the Navy SEALs, highly trained and ultimately dedicated to their line of work. But what does it mean to live the life of a Navy SEAL? Now, you can get a taste...
...Not always is romance associated with military service, but believe me when I say that many women would appreciate the opportunity to love a Navy SEAL. After all, it takes passion to stay on such a demanding course, and what woman would ever fail to appreciate that in a man? Now, eighteen popular romance writers are taking on the challenge of writing fiction that gives you a sense of what it means to experience that passion, and many of them know from firsthand experience. The book is SEAL of My Dreams, and many great romance authors have a part to play in this. The authors who contributed to this impressive collection are as follows: Robyn Carr (who provides the foreword), Jami Alden, Stephanie Bond, Kylie Brant, Helen Brenna, Helen Kay Dimon, Cindy Gerard, Tara Janzen, Leslie Kelly, Elle Kennedy, Alison Kent, Jo Leigh, Gennita Low, Marliss Melton, Christie Ridgway, Barbara Samuel, Roxanne St. Claire, Stephanie Tyler, and Loreth Anne White. Many of these romance specialists are award-winning, highly acclaimed writers, and some of them even have family members who have served or currently serve.
These stories, some of which read more like novellas, are exciting and full of energy but come with that characteristic sensuality that so often is the pursuit of romance fanatics. If you happen to be a fan of romance-style fiction with a touch of the patriotic, then this is definitely the collection for you. And, in case you need another reason to invest in SEAL of My Dreams, here it is: all proceeds will go to the Veterans Research Corporation, a non-profit group that provides financial support for veterans medical research. For more information about this collection and the authors who provided their work to it, visit the following web address:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Time Has Come to Broaden Your Scope...

For any reader who is unfamiliar with the author Philip K. Dick and his many published stories, I hope that after reading this article you realize what you are missing and you subsequently work to resolve the matter of this deficiency immediately. In other words, please find Dick's novels and read them as if you have been touched by madness. Be a voracious reader with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. You cannot miss the brilliance of this author.
Philip K. Dick passed away a few decades ago but he left us with a remarkable and vast collection of novels and short stories, most of which would be classified as science fiction. Even if you are not a fan of this genre, Dick's writing goes well beyond this sometimes limited territory and deals with aspects of religion, philosophy, and pure science. In case you did not know, much of his writing has been adapted for film. Films such as Blade Runner and A Scanner Darkly come directly from Dick's collection, and even films like Minority Report were inspired by some of his shorter writings. He was a true genius who lived an unusual life complete with visions (of a spiritual nature) and ripe with complications. Some consider him a sort of precursor to or partial founder of post-modernism, especially with regard to his focus upon the sociological, political, and cultural experiences in our world.
Now, his final (and extensive) work is about to be available for your pleasure and (perhaps if you keep an open mind) enlightenment. The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick is the final collection of writing to be offered by Dick to the world. It serves as a means of better understanding his peculiar but powerful views on a wide range of topics but particularly religion and the true nature of the spiritual reality. As an author, he delved deeply and with great care into topics such as personal identity, perception, and the impossibility of a truly objective reality. The Exegesis is a journal-style collection of notes, entries, story sketches, and letters, all of which relate to Dick's remarkable and sometimes surreal experiences with faith and religion. The editors of the work, Pamela Jackson and Jonathan Lethem, have taken great care in compiling and arranging this epic and potent piece. You will not be disappointed...
...If you wish to test yourself with a work that is far from ordinary and almost painfully provocative in its uncanny awareness, do not miss The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick, the final novel from Philip Dick. If you are a lover of science fiction (then you should by this point be familiar with Philip Dick's work and you have this novel ordered or already in your collection), do not miss this release. Even if you have no interest in science fiction whatsoever, the importance of this piece cannot be lost. For anyone with an interest in spirituality, the true nature of perception and reality, or science, The Exegesis must at this point be considered a must-read. You will not regret this purchase. For more information about this ultimate work from author Philip K. Dick, look to the following website:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Magic of Dakota Frost is Back...

Dakota Frost is back in the second installment of the Skindancer trilogy, an urban fantasy series from highly-acclaimed science fiction author Anthony Francis...
...In Dakota's world, magic, which was kept a secret by its practitioners until the counter-culture movement of the 20th century, is very real. And Dakota knows it well—as a “skindancer,” a tattoo artist whose ink can come to life, and a member of the Edgeworld, the alternative culture in which magic is known and practiced, she holds to a certain degree of skepticism blended with her fiery attitude in order to make her world work. Right now, she seems to be on the right course. After all, she has a new house and a new vehicle, not to mention a newly adopted daughter named Cinnamon, who is in reality a were-tiger. Then, her friends, also supernatural by nature, become the target of a magical attack that is peculiar to say the least. Deadly graffiti is the cause, and, with so much at stake, it is Dakota's burden to learn how such menacing alternative artwork can be stopped before Edgeworlders everywhere in Atlanta are doomed. Vampires, werewolves, and even traditional law enforcement are losing their trust, and Dakota seems to have one resort. The time has come to seek help from her own skindancing mentor. The only one who can aid Dakota now is Blood Rock.
Blood Rock is the latest novel from Anthony Francis and marks a continuation of skindancer Dakota Frost's trials in a world where magic is just as much a part of reality as science. The problem for Dakota is that laws of science (physics, etc.) are already recognized, at least to some extent, whereas the laws and true nature of magic are only vaguely understood. An important part of the novel is her course of learning the source of magic. You will understand a little better too when you read...
...Anthony Francis actually enhances computer technology for a living, but by night he retreats into a world of his own contrivance. Writing and science are both passions for him, but he seems also to have a knack for the urban fantasy genre. His novels are set in Atlanta, a city where Francis spent much of his life and one to which he has a great attachment. Of course, in the Atlanta of Francis, there are werewolves, vampires, and magical members of the alternative culture sect, such as Dakota Frost. His stories are creative and full of energy, like his novels' characters. There is also evidence that Francis is very painstaking about his development of a hard magical system for his fictional world.
If you have ever enjoyed urban fantasy, then you should definitely look for the latest novel from Anthony Francis, Blood Rock. For those readers who are completely unfamiliar with previous work from Francis, it might also be a good idea to pick up the first novel in the series, Frost Moon, so that Dakota's story makes a little more sense. For more information about this novel, the author, or his other work, turn to the following web address:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When Love and War-time Fears Collide...

In the years preceding America's entry into World War II, a quiet Georgia town called Salty Creek is home to a peculiar and risky romance.
For quite some time, only polite and brief exchanges were ever had between a spinster named Sophie and Miss Anne's courteous and enigmatic “Chinese” gardener, Mr. Oto. Miss Anne, a moral woman whose memories of the event are at the center of this tale, provides Oto with refuge after he arrives, disgraced, starving, and essentially dropped from a Greyhound bus, in Salty Creek. Then, Oto notices Sophie and begins to fall in love. Sophie, whose own true love was lost in World War I, has settled on leading a dull and miserable existence following the death of her female family members for whom she cared. But somehow she is drawn to Mr. Oto. Love always seems to find us when we are not searching...
...Eventually, a strong friendship develops between them. While the rest of the townspeople attend church services on Sunday, Sophie and Oto sit quietly by the river and paint. Both recognize the unconventional nature of their relationship and proceed with precaution as a result. Yet the passion they feel for each other slowly rises to the surface, just in time for hell to be unleashed.
Oto, who is only mistaken by the simple townspeople for someone of Chinese ancestry, is actually Japanese by descent (though he is California-born), and when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, he is forced into hiding to escape the onslaught of misguided aggression and, in some cases, unadulterated hatred. Now, Sophie and Miss Anne provide what they can to sustain Oto, but will it be enough, or are the divisions caused by war too great for them to bear?
Sophie and the Rising Sun is a romance that deals with the problems of racial tensions and gives us an account of love's power to overcome even seemingly insurmountable obstacles, such as great disparities in age or ancestry. The novel is the most recent release from Augusta Trobaugh, whose stories have a lot to offer for those readers who can never get enough of romance. Sophie and the Rising Sun is pleasant and simple to read, but there is a certain intricacy to the plot. Perhaps it is the story's ability to grapple with some difficult topics, or maybe it is the nearly poetic innocence of Sophie and Oto's blossoming love (even in spite of its seeming so uncharacteristic). Whatever the reason, if you happen to be a fan of romance, you do not want to pass up Sophie and the Rising Sun by Augusta Trobaugh, available in bookstores everywhere.

Monday, October 24, 2011

And You Thought That Your Teen Years Were Hard...

Being a teenager is complicated enough for the average human being. The continued (and seemingly endless) demands of school, mounting social pressures, dating—it tends to be a lot for a person to handle. If only Tara Luna's life were so simple...
...In addition to these ordinary adolescent concerns, Tara has special problems, unless of course you consider seeing dead people and hearing the thoughts of others a great advantage in life. And you might assume that such powers would be beneficial, but before you jump to conclusions, let us take a practical look at Tara's circumstance. Going out on a date with a fellow has just become more complicated, since, as a psychic, Tara can read his thoughts. Believe me when I say that it does not serve her as well as you might imagine. Seeing ghosts would not be so terrible, but conversations with what those (ordinary people) around you perceive as nothingness tend to convince others that a mental problem is at work. Of course, there are also ghosts that tend to pester her for favors, but at least Tara has the help and friendship of Henry and Millicent, two spirits that follow her wherever she and her Uncle Pat may go. And they move everywhere, owing to her uncle's “gypsy heart” and his inability to stay settled in one place for any great duration of time. She follows because he is the only family Tara has.
Now that Tara is in a new school, fresh challenges rise to the surface of her life, like the popular and prissy young ladies (in all seriousness, one of them is named Prissy) who are determined to make her life miserable. Fortunately, she has the support of her new boyfriend, Flynn, who is as much of an outcast as she is. But her biggest problem is the dark spirit making demands from Tara and threatening harm and hell if she refuses to assist. The ghost wants her mysterious murder solved and knows that Tara can help. And when a student at her school disappears, Tara realizes that she may be the only one who can solve the case before time runs out. What will it take? Welcome to Tara's lunatic life.
My Lunatic Life is a new novel from highly-acclaimed author Sharon Sala. It serves as the basis for a new series from Sala that will detail the course of Tara's adolescence as she struggles to maintain sanity in the midst of both ordinary and extraordinary pressures. Sala specializes in romance and suspense, but this particular piece is classified as paranormal mystery for young adult audiences. Tara is an endearing and somehow familiar character with enough dimension to make this a very worthwhile read for fans of young adult fiction. The story engages with its elements of verisimilitude and the paranormal, which form a good blend in this context.
Look for My Lunatic Life by Sharon Sala, now in bookstores everywhere. If you would like more information about this title and new series, Sala's previous works, or the author herself, then visit the following web-address:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Story of a Workaholic's Serendipitous Romance...

Julia Mendoza is as far from focused on romance as it gets. After the death of her young husband, this beautiful Latino woman shifts priorities and pours her energies into her personal business, much to the chagrin of her rambunctious family members. After all, Julia is only in her late twenties, and already it seems that life is all work and no play for her. That is the case until an aggravating ex-friend has her caught in a game of grocery store role play with a hunky surfer...
...When Christophe Augustine encounters Julia in the grocery store, he reluctantly agrees to play along with her game in order to help her circumvent the annoyance of an ex-friend. So for the time being Chris gets to act as Julia's boyfriend. Like Julia, he is focused on professional successes, such as those involving his wealthy father's luxury hotel chain, and he is adamant about receiving recognition for his work, as well as approval. But Chris knows how to be playful, and not even his parent's divorce can shake his faith in romance. Though initially skeptical upon meeting Julia, he finds that she is quite different from the other women with whom he has shared any intimate connection. And now, despite a dramatic first date, he is quite determined to know her a little better, but as their experiences together grow more serious and gradually intensify, Julia is challenged by the urge to flee from the situation. When two soul-mates meet, the connection is real and difficult to ignore, but where does it lead when one is ready to love and the other is not? Find out what happens when Julia turns out to be Mad About the Boy.
Suzan Battah may not be a familiar name to many, yet this is about to change. Currently, she works as an executive assistant, but such a busy schedule by day does not prevent her from focusing on her passion for writing. Mad About the Boy is her first finished novel, an entertaining and fun read that explores the complications of love and delves deep into the process of achieving balance between one's professional life and romantic life.
If you are in the mood for a romance story with a great sense of humor and a lot of imagination, then look no further than Mad About the Boy . Considering the extent of her passion for writing, it seems that we will have a lot more to enjoy from Suzan Battah in the future. Check out, Mad About the Boy, now in bookstores everywhere.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Security of the World Depends Upon Just Two People...

From author Austin S. Camacho comes the exciting third installment in the Stark and O'Brien series...
...The Piranha is the latest in US weapons technology, a stealth submarine so advanced that it will give the country total command of the world's seas. Developed secretly in Panama, the Piranha is now ready for the test phase of operations. But members of the CIA have reason to believe that there is more to than project than previously thought. That is when Mark Roberts (of the CIA) enlists the aid of his friend Morgan Stark, an ex-mercenary who currently runs a personal security agency with the assistance of former jewel thief Felicity O'Brien. Roberts wants Stark and O'Brien to investigate the program and, specifically, Francisco Bastidas, the person at the helm of the Piranha project. What they discover upon further investigation confirms Roberts' fears: Bastidas is a powerful con-man who is completely lacking in good intentions. In order to get a closer look at the situation, Stark and O'Brien infiltrate the project's security team, and it becomes clear to them that, when it comes to this weapons project, nothing is as it seems. Now, with an impending threat of a nuclear strike, the pair must figure out how to take Bastidas and the entire project down, but that requires defeating an army of terrorists and the crazed giant Rodrigo Herrera, a man who can kill a jaguar with his bare hands. Stark and O'Brien have their work cut out for them in The Piranha Assignment.
The Stark and O'Brien series becomes more thrilling with each new addition, especially as the characters develop and gain dimension. Camacho's specialties include mysteries and action-packed thrillers, like this most recent release, and he has a wealth of experience from which to pull when writing his novels. As a soldier for thirteen years, he traveled a great deal and spent time working with broadcast journalism for the US Army. It was during college that Camacho, then a psychology major, discovered great books. This would serve as an inspiration for him later in life. Even when serving with the Army, he had an interest in writing fiction and would pen adventure and mystery novels set in some of the places he had visited while serving. Now, years later, the result of his labor is evident.
The Piranha Assignment has received praise from readers and critics for its enthralling plot and greater degree of dimension. Avid readers of suspenseful thrillers or any good adventurous book will appreciate the latest release from Austin S. Camacho, The Piranha Assignment, which is now available in stores. If you want to know more about this book, the author, or any of his previous releases, check out the following website:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Said the Life of an Art Collector Had to Be Dull?

Paloma Zubiondo is safe and secure in the world she has designed for herself. Paloma's life in her beach-front home in Laguna Beach, California is well-ordered and full of discipline, while her rooms are decorated with rare artistic treasures (of the Spanish Colonial variety) and books, a collection she has been working to build for years. For this wealthy widow and aficionado of fine art, everything is in its right place. Then, one day the telephone rings, and everything changes...
...The caller's contention that in Paloma's collection there exists a stolen work of art, the Immaculate Conception, seems completely preposterous to her. Even more frightening is the story that unfolds after that call. The caller, who claims to be the rightful heir to the original painter of the stolen piece, Quito artist Isabel Santiago (a real 17th century historical figure) demands that the painting be returned in exchange for the release of a sex-slave who, as the claim goes, has a strong link to Paloma's childhood. For Paloma, this realization is initially too much to bear, but eventually she can no longer fight the strain of a truth that is being forced into her life by pressures beyond her control. It is a truth that may very well unravel her world, but the mission for her becomes clear. Out of her own beautiful environment and thrust into a harsh reality of con artists, thieves, and sex-slave trafficking, Paloma must enlist the aid of her childhood friend, Jen, a psychologist and social activist,, in order to combat a powerful foe named Montserrat and unearth the hidden connections between the art she treasures and a sinister world of atrocities and exploitation. The journey will be long and eye-opening for Paloma, but tremendously exciting for any reader who has the pleasure of picking up Gathering the Indigo Maidens, the new novel in which her adventure is contained.
Gathering the Indigo Maidens is a powerful and provocative book, ripe with symbolism and engaging to the last page. The author of this work, Cecilia Velastegui, has had her fair share of experiences around the world and has much to show for it. In fact, she was raised in California and France and has traveled extensively in 50 countries. Velastegui speaks four languages and has served on the board of directors for several cultural and educational institutions. She currently resides with her family in Monarch Beach, California.
Of course, this unique life-experience is evident in her writing, which blends the symbolism so characteristic of the art world with a historical accuracy that is quite remarkable. The story of Paloma is fresh and well-crafted and should appeal to readers of intelligent suspense with a historical basis. Also, lovers of art-oriented fiction will appreciate all that Velastegui has to offer with Gathering the Indigo Maidens. For additional information about the author or the book, check the following link:

A New Level of Sexy for the Undead

For fans of sexy vampire fiction and paranormal romance, Sexiest Vampire Alive is a must-read...
Gregori Holstein is no typical vampire. After all, it takes a special character to act as VP of Marketing for vampires everywhere. He is young, phenomenally attractive, and charming. Now that the secret of vampires is out, courtesy of a leaked video, he enlists the aid of the US government to convince viewers that the video is simply a hoax. But, naturally, a favor is in order. The president needs just one thing from Gregori in exchange for the government's assistance in this delicate matter: the young vamp must spend two days in close proximity with Abby Tucker, the First Daughter. And they apparently have nothing in common. She needs an escort as she travels to a savage and extremely dangerous region of the world in search of the two remaining ingredients for her mother's cure. Abby has dedicated her life to this pursuit, and it shows. Formal events mean little to this scientific young lady—she would much rather spend her days and nights immersed in lab work. But in order for everything to be set right, they have to work together, and she is about to find out how much appeal a member of the Undead class can have when it comes in the form of her sexy vampire escort. There may be hordes patiently waiting to threaten their very existence at the end of this course across the world, but the greatest danger for Abby will be this newfound desire for a touch and a taste of Gregori's passion. It happens when you are the Sexiest Vampire Alive.
Kerrelyn Sparks is a USA Today best-selling author who has made a name for herself in the field of paranormal romance. When she started writing romance, her inclination was for a more historical style, but this lover of the paranormal could not help but introduce the reading world to her own brand of vamp-oriented stories full of sensuality and good humor. Her latest novel, Sexiest Vampire Alive, is a great addition to her growing collection of successful and colorful books.
Members of Sparks' devoted fan-base have already reserved their respective copies, I am sure. But if you have yet to encounter the work of this award-winning author and you happen to be a fan or paranormal romance, then you will not want to miss Sexiest Vampire Alive. And for vampire fanatics everywhere, make some room on the bookshelf for her growing collection. For more information, check out

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Jaded Gentleman Has Met His Match...

From the author of Revenge Wears Rubies and Seduction Wears Sapphires...
...Dr. Rowan West, one of the Jaded Gentlemen, is determined to leave the ghosts of his past behind and move forward in life. Unfortunately for him, a woman has other plans. When Miss Gayle Renshaw shows up at the doctor's door and demands an apprenticeship, she has one secret advantage: her knowledge of Rowan's fiancee and her mysterious disappearance. It seems that Rowan is cornered and Gayle will not even stop at the use of blackmail to get her way. Rowan recognizes that such a scene as this will likely have a devastating impact upon his career as a doctor and his professional reputation. But, as it turns out, the greatest risk of all involves his heart. Maybe Gayle, though intelligent and aggressive, is not as heartless as she seems...

Now that temptation has struck, both their lives are threatened by enemies of the Jaded Gentlemen. And Rowan must fight to save the life of the woman he loves, even if it means that he must give up the chance to be with her. Find out where the seduction leads in Ecstasy Wears Emeralds, the newest novel in the Jaded Gentlemen series from author Renee Bernard.
Bernard is best known for her historical romance stories, such as this latest installment of the Jaded Gentlemen novels. Ecstasy Wears Emeralds is set in mid-nineteenth century London and gives you a vivid picture of Rowan's life in that particular time period and location. Bernard incorporates a unique voice into the body of her works, as well as a depth deemed somewhat uncharacteristic for the sub-genre. This is especially evident in her use of strong female characters to drive much of the plot's action. Also, it takes a while to get to one of Bernard's infamously steamy “encounters,” but they are considered well worth the wait.
For any fan of sensual romance and, in particular, historical romances with an English flavor, Ecstasy Wears Emeralds is now in bookstores everywhere. If you are unfamiliar with Bernard's work but find that you generally enjoy romance, then you have found your next worthy investment. Bernard's fiction will not disappoint.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Coming-of-age Novel for the New Generation

I watch the interview with Justin Torres on Youtube- and I compare that to the book and you wonder if some of this is right from the author’s life. But, this is a work of fiction even though it feels real when you read about the three brothers, how they grow up in a semi-dysfunctional family.

There’s love in the family. But everything seems magnified. Passion, anger, love, everything. The boys deal with a father who is abusive to their mother. A mother who, when the dad leaves them for a time, works a night shift and is barely there for the three hooligans.

The story is a sort of coming of age story. It’s thought provoking. It’s eye-opening. It’s heartfelt. I think people who wonder about such a lifestyle will have an opportunity to feel, really feel, what that’s like. And to those who totally understand, perhaps a bit too well, what this kind of life is like, you can take heart in the beauty of some of the moments. And in the fact that even dysfunctional families can love each other through the chaos.

I don’t know if the authors has a website, but I did find this-

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gathering the Indigo Maidens by Cecilia Velástegui Book Trailer

California art collector and wealthy widow Paloma Zubiondos life shatters when she is extorted by human traffickers and art thieves. Their demand for a coveted Spanish Colonial painting in exchange for releasing a young Ecuadorian woman has connected Paloma to the indigo maidens past and present. Learn about the book and its author, General fiction, historical fiction, Thriller, Suspense

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Author Rick Mofina Living Vicariously through Jack Gannon

Dark, gritty, always blisteringly paced, the third book in the Jack Gannon series will thrill Rick Mofina fans. Jack Gannon is a little like his creator, a former wire service crime reporter. Except Jack, unlike author Rick Mofina gets into some situations that are not exactly in the newsroom. Find out more at

Mule by Tony DSouza Book Trailer

A page turning, timely novel that perfectly captures the anxieties of plunging into the criminal underworld and the zeitgeist of the recession generation, Mule is about young people trying to make do in a moment when the American Dream they never had to believe in, because it was handed to them, fully wrapped and ready to go at the take out window, suddenly vanished from the menu. Learn more about this book here, and its author here, fiction

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Eighty Dollar Champion by Elizabeth Letts Book Trailer

November 1958, the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden. Into the atmosphere of wealth and tradition comes the most unlikely of horses, a drab former plow horse named Snowman, and his rider, Harry de Leyer. They were the longest of all longshots, and their win was the stuff of legend. Learn about the book here, Learn about this author here, Non Fiction

The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh Book Trailer

The Language of Flowers, Vanessa Diffenbaughs mesmerizing, moving, and elegantly written debut novel, beautifully weaves past and present, creating a vivid portrait of an unforgettable young woman whose gift for flowers helps her change the lives of others even as she struggles to overcome her own troubled past. Learn about the book here, Learn about this author here, Fiction